New Bust Testimonials:
"I took the formula for five months and had great results. In the first month, I started to feel soreness in the breast area and tingling. Then these things stopped and at the end of the second month I started to see results. My breasts went from size 34A to a 36C. After about the 4th month, I was firming and filling but no more growth. One of the best results for me was the hormone balancing. In the very first month of using the formula, my menstrual cycle became regular and with very little pain. At the end of the 5th month, I again experienced the tingling and soreness in the breast area. After seven months, I am now noticing more growth in the breast area and they are nice and firm and full."
--S.C., Los Angeles, CA

"I've been on the formula for about 5 weeks and have gained almost one-and-a-half inches! My husband is pleased and surprised. He was very supportive about me buying the product, but he really didn't think it would work, he just didn't want to discourage me. I asked him to measure me before I started, and then asked him to measure yesterday. He was amazed to see the increase! It is so nice to finally be able to fill out a bra!"
--R.C., Gatlinburg, TN

"I've now grown a total of two inches over a six-week period. I feel fuller. I also don't have any tingling or soreness. My husband loves the results."
--N.O., Fort Wayne, IN

"This is so unbelievable to me! I have grown an inch and a half in the first two weeks."
--V.L., Las Cruces, NM

"It's been about 3 weeks now. Last night I decided to try on a few of my bras from before my pregnancy. I am filling the bras to overflow! And I am finally beginning to see some firming up! Today I wore my 'B' bra and it actually felt/looked filled out! I'm just so happy to be getting results, because after I had nursed my baby, my breasts were soft and spongy. Thank you!"
--S.R., Lansing, MI

"I am 46 years old and have considered implants many times but I am very health conscious so I always talk myself out of it. I started this formula in hopes that this would be my answer. It was. I grew from an "AA" to a "C" in 9 months."
--J.B. St. George, UT

"After the birth of my second baby, I was devastated at how my breasts looked. I am a size "D" cup and I felt like I had to lift them up and strap them on. I started testing the effects of this formula. Within the first 2 weeks my husband asked if I had been exercising (I hadn't told him what I was doing). I have my old breasts back, good as new."
--K.N., Las Vegas, NV

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